The Archpriest’s Message


One of the difficulties today, is finding some quiet time, in silence away from everything. The day is so full of activities that we hardly find any time for ourselves. In fact some people get frustrated if there is some time during the day which is not occupied and so try to find something to fill it up.

But the more time passes, and our life is full of activities, we should try more and more to find some time spent in silence and coming face to face with the realities in our life.

Some may ask: “For what reason do we need this time?” Those who do not stop for a while do not have the opportunity to reflect on his life or his actions. Usually we keep to the same rhythm for a long time and by doing so, our life enters into a habit when we repeat the same things including mistakes. Some manage to eliminate some of these mistakes but unfortunately start making others.

Life in itself is the greatest educator only if we are aware of it. If we reflect on the circumstances we pass through in our life, we find that we learn a lot from them, so we need to find time to reflect on the way we are living.

For us Christians, it is a new beginning - Holy Lent. There are some who welcome this time with happiness because it reminds them of the various traditions they used to do since they were young. Others think of this time as a time of sorrow, complaining that they have enough trouble in their lives and do lots of sacrifices, so why should they do penance and experience grief and sorrow?!

I think that both these positions are mistaken. Lent comes neither for us to relive our past traditions nor to be saddened. Lent is a time for more reflection and to control more ourselves so that when we are faced with difficulties and bold decisions we do not give in. This should be done not only because we are Christians, but also as human beings.

What Our Lord and even the Church asks of us, helps us to become more human and not be led by our emotions, but with reason enlightened by love.

During this time, the Church urges us to do some penance and deprive ourselves from certain things which we usually like to do. If we always say ‘yes’ to ourselves, then when we have to make certain decisions in our life, which makes us go against our wishes, we won’t be able to make the right decision because we were not trained. Therefore, we start acting the way it suits us regardless of those with whom we live or towards society.

What can we do?
Deprivation from too much food, amusement, smoking, television, mobile phone, internet, hobby, seem to be very trivial sacrifices, but when we have to do without them for some time we see how difficult it is to do away with them. This makes us realize how sometimes these things manage to enslave our lives.

If the money saved is given to some particular cause; the time saved, spent in prayer and reflection or with the family or doing voluntary work, we find out what a lot of good we have done to ourselves and to others.

Sometimes we grumble that we do not find time for anything, but if we organize our time better and put priorities first, we will see what a lot of activities we can manage to do, leaving a lot of satisfaction in us.

Let us hope that this Holy Lent, helps us put our priorities in order and have the courage to accomplish them.

Father Evan