Whether you are a believer or a doubter, the Faculty of Theology offers a number of courses which may be of interest to you.
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This is the list of available courses for the coming year:

* BA (Hons) Theology (full time in the morning or part time in the evening)
* BA Theology and Human Studies (full time in the morning) (with Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Language, Art, etc)
* BA (Hons) Theology with a subsidiary area (full time in the morning) (with Philosophy, Mathematics or Physics)
* Diploma in Religious Studies (full time in the morning or part time in the evening)

* Master of Arts in Theology (for those who already have a degree in Theology)
* Master of Arts in Religious Studies (for those who have a first degree in any subject and who would like to bridge their subject with religion)

Other courses which are available every three years (but which are not available this year)

* MA in Bioethics
* MA in Spiritual Companionship
* MA in Spirituality
* MA in Family Ministry
* MA in Youth Ministry
* MA in Matrimonial Canon Law
* Postgraduate Diploma in Pastoral Psychology.

For more information please phone on 2340 2767 or else send an email to